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US and UK and Zombies!

Somewhat to my surprise, zombies easily won the poll. So here you go, our favorite dorks dealing with the walking undead:

Zombie Apocalypse!

  • A is For (by hoshiko2kokoro) - Arthur helps zombie!Alfred learn how to live again. Based on Warm Bodies.
  • A Reason to Hope (by ) - “Ever since the dead arose, Arthur had never once believed that things would get better. And then he met Alfred.” Zombie fluff :3
  • Daylight (by No Pain No Gain) - Arthur and Alfred are separated and have to find a way to survive. Warning for suicide attempt.
  • Haven (by ) - Alfred and Arthur search for a cure to the zombie virus. Bittersweet ending.

Unfinished or Sad Stories

America Likes Zombies

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Anonymous asked: Hello :) Do you know any Alice in Wonderland UsUk like fanfictions? And Also, do you have other Blogs? Thank you.

Hi, anon! Yes, I have some Wonderland fics to recommend (though only one is finished and it has a very sad ending). As to your other question, no, I don’t have any other blogs. This is it!



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Okay, confession time: I am way behind on requests for USUK rec lists. So I’m not accepting new requests and I’ve turned off anon messages.

But to make it up to you, I’m going to list my pending requests and let you all vote on this post for which one you want next. You can list up to 3 and I’ll handle them in order of popularity.

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Anonymous asked: If I remember correctly there should be another fanfiction were Alfred gets injuried while playing football. "His Cheerleader Boyfriend" by Mushrooms Of Gold, I don't remember the chapter though, sorry.

Good call, anon! I think that’s the story the other anon was looking for. The injury is in Chapter 37. [Or you could start from the beginning.]

I love it when anons help me find stories :)

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Anonymous asked: you mentioned one thing that would keep you from reading/reccing a UsUk fic, but are there any other things that are instant red flags for you?

Well, this isn’t exactly a red flag, but I’m usually pretty sensitive to how a fic treats female characters.

For example, if Alfred or Arthur has a girlfriend, I don’t want to see her treated as a bad person just because she’s dating him. Dating Alfred or Arthur is a very sensible decision! She’s in a mutual relationship with someone she likes, what’s wrong with that? I also get annoyed if girls or women are treated as shallow just because they’re physically attracted to Alfred or Arthur. The boys usually start out with a simple physical attraction too, so it’s weird to hold women to a different standard.

My other yellow flags are cliches that I get a little tired of seeing in fics (and they don’t necessarily stop me from recommending a story, but they might make me stop reading sooner):

  • "Iggy! Iggy! Iggy!"
  • Emerald / chartreuse / sapphire / cerulean eyes
  • Anyone saying “I love you” before the first date
  • Gratuitous Japanese
  • Bad French
  • Too much “hero” and “awesome!”
  • England being weak, whiny, and pathetic*

* If he’s not drunk, I just have a hard time imagining England letting other people see his emotions. Personally, I like my England to hide his hurts with biting sarcasm.

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Anonymous asked: Hi Ms.Zeplerfer! Do you know of a fic where Al lays football and Art goes to watch one of his games except Al gets injured? I ca't remember anything else about the story... Thanks!

Hmm, I know that Alfred gets injured in The Invitational Year, but that’s rugby and they’re both playing at the time. So it’s probably not that one. Let me give you a few other football stories as an apology gift:

England Doesn’t Understand American Football

(You and me both, England. You and me both.)

America Tries (and Fails at) Soccer

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