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25 USUK Christmas Stories

Like an advent calendar, here are 25 USUK fics featuring Christmas stories. If you want to be good, you can read one per day. Or you can just read them all now like delicious bites of candy.

World War II Stories

Kissing under the Mistletoe

  • Cold December Night (by Car) – “All England wanted was one kiss from America… What England wanted, he got.” Features everyone-else-can-see-it USUK, England getting drunk off of eggnog, and romantic kisses.
  • Merry Christmas and Good Riddance (by bubbleteadesu) – “Arthur is forced to spend a day inside with his annoying roommate, Alfred, because of an unexpected snowstorm.” Features a high school setting and teenage boys not acting like teenage boys.
  • My Favourite Christmas Tradition (by PoisonousTiger) – Alfred and Arthur share a number of Christmas traditions together (including mistletoe). Features colony!America and slight USUK.
  • Merry Christmas! (by XPyromaniacxDestinyX) – England is lonely. America makes him feel better with a little kiss.

Retelling of “A Christmas Carol”

Gift Giving

Christmas Trees

America visits England

Snow and Blizzards

Christmas Jealousy

P.S. You know what I love about this fandom? I easily found 150 USUK stories set at Christmas time. I culled it down to 25 (actually 26, I’m counting the last two as one story) based on my own tastes, but here are a dozen more that seemed moderately well-written (even if England is too uke for my tastes or the dialogue is unrealistic):

Additional Christmas Stories

P.P.S. Okay, there are actually 40 stories.

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